A Load of Books

  This past weekend we made a trip to the library (always thrilling) and I thought I’d share some of the books I brought home. With commentary and ramblings on each. Of course. *beams* Your lives made much better. 


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The Chestnut King, by N.D. Wilson. I’m super excited about this one. I have a bad habit of getting really thrilled about my library books and going crazy and starting them all at the same time… so I think I’m about two chapters into this one as well as in the middle of several others. :P



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 Paper Things, by Jennifer Richard Jacobson. Can’t say I was over-the-top impressed with this one. It’s just that there was this floatiness (is that a word?) that honestly reminded me of Everything on a Waffle. I will forever mentally pair the two. Not that the protagonists in both books don’t experience emotion. But as a reader you need to be plunged violently into the main character’s sticky problems and feel their emotion and their pain. Didn’t happen for me. To be quite frank, I got kinda bored. But I did love Gage. He was a fantastic character.



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 The Midwife’s Apprentice, by Karen Cushman. An old favorite. This isn’t the exact copy I have, but it’s somewhat prettier. This is a book about a little nameless nobody who becomes apprentice to a midwife (pretty obviously, from the title). It’s no sweet, dreamy story, however. It’s a bit gritty and realistic. And funny. Even in the midst of protagonist (called Beetle’s) troubles, Karen Cushman’s roguish sense of humor makes for an entertaining read.



Image result

 Be Light Like a Bird, by Monika Schroeder. I’ve read only a few chapters of this one, so no judgement or recommendations yet. Stay tuned! *winks* The cover and font are so cute, though!! Fine, I admit it. I am really, really attracted to a book by its cover.



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 The Dragon’s Tooth, by N.D. Wilson. About halfway through this one, and I’m actually liking it better than the 100 Cupboards series so far (or at least the 2/3 of the 100 Cupboards series I’ve read). I think it’s that I’m drawn more to Cyrus’ personality than I have been to Henry’s. Which is weird, because Cy is kind of impetuous and sarcastic. Me, impetuous? No. Me, sarcastic? Hmm.



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 The Kings of Clonmel, by John Flanagan. Yayyy!! Book #8 of The Ranger’s Apprentice! Haven’t gotten around to this one yet, but I’m looking forward to it. When I first started reading this series something inexplicable about the author’s writing style threw me off… I can’t remember what bothered me. I really enjoy his books now, they just took some getting used to.


I took out twelve books in all. Among those not mentioned were:

  • The Book Thief (and you really don’t want me enthusing about that one again)
  • Two books I was VERY unimpressed by… which shall remain nameless. >:D
  • Three for writing research. One book of historical costumes, and two… *sighs* all about goats. Don’t ask.



What are your opinions on some of these books? (What I really want to know is, did anyone else get the same frustration for Everything on a Waffle, or was it just me?) I’d love to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “A Load of Books

  1. I wasn’t that impressed by Everything on a Waffle either. I am still not quite sure how exactly it became so popular! It really didn’t click for me. I actually JUST finished rereading it, since I was wondering if I had misjudged it the first time. Turns out… nope. None of the characters really connected with me and Primrose was just… ugh. Anyway, I totally know the feeling of researching something really weird. Sometimes I wonder what the librarians think of me, the strange girl who suddenly and inexplicably changes interests like t-shirts. (Music boxes, Amish life, Communism, foreign countries, clothing, you name it!) And now I’m curious about which books you weren’t impressed with :D Sorry for the rambling comment!


  2. Haha, that’s fine! Thanks. It was kind of embarrassing to ask the guy at the desk about goat books, mostly because he seemed to find that funny. So I understand.


    • One of the reasons why I just look up everything online first and either place it on hold or walk madly around the library with my nose in my list trying to find everything before everyone’s ready to go. ;)


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