Character Profiles: in which I basically bare my heart for you all

Greetings, fellow earthens.


Today I’m going to take on a dark, daunting post subject. I’m going to spill my heart and guts and share some of my creations with you. That is, introduce some of the main characters from my current WIP. Which is a terrifying prospect for me. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be traumatizing.

It’s also going to be really fun.

These lovelies are still undergoing MASSIVE changes… in the finished work they’re likely to look quite a bit different than they do now. But for the time being this is how far their personalities have evolved, and I can honestly say I’m *sniff* proud of them *wipes away tear*. They are some of my most precious characters. They’ve been through a lot with me. And as a result they’re all wrapped up in my heartstrings.

As a side note, I found these characteristic photos via Pinterest. They aren’t mine. I take no credit. The clothing (from what you can see) is all modern and wrong… but who cares. :P


the Protagonist

wind-flung brown hair / one blue eye and one hazel / nimble hands / pointed chin

   Taryn is a wanderer. A loner. An outcast. She has an independent streak she got from her father, and loves wild places. She’s perceptive and generally relates well to others’ emotions, but can also be pretty cynical of people, which comes of being treated the way she has her entire life (you won’t understand that but #spoilers). Insecurity is one of her many struggles. She hates sharing her feelings and has the tendency to push away her loved ones when she’s in pain; she’s also terrible at comforting others. Sarcastic wit comes easily for this one.

She loves the wind and the scent of freedom. Rock/hill climbing (she has the flat feet geared for it, and she’s proud of that). People who judge by anothers’ attributes and the way they treat others, not by appearances.




the Sidekick

freckled / blue-eyed / crooked limp / wide smile / small wrists and ankles

   Ree is homier than her sister. She’s empathetic and slightly more centered; is calmly optimistic and laughs a lot. Her limp (she was born with a minor deformity, one leg slightly shorter than the other) keeps her from doing a lot of things she’d like, but as a general rule she’s pretty philosophical about it. In arguments she’s likely to go on the defensive… but she doesn’t lose her temper much.

She loves murkbrew (their world’s kind of thicker version of hot tea) with honey. Rain. And the productive feeling of keeping busy – especially when she’s worried or stressed.





the Logic/Voice of Reason

light brown-dark blond hair / grey eyes / medium-tall / a slight cowlick that irritates him

   Matt is a strong shoulder to lean on. A hard worker with calloused hands. He just might be my favorite character besides Taryn… because except for her he’s been the character to undergo the most changes, yet has remained his dependable, stubborn self through it all. He’s quick-witted. Diplomatic in most disagreements. But other times he can be blunt to the point of pain. He and Taryn are alike in that most of the time they’re relatively mild people, but both are fiercely protective of the people they’re close to.

He loves carving; bringing form and shape out of dead wood. His young siblings. And fried rabbit well-done.



the Emotional

blonde / pale blue eyes / small-proportioned and slim / an odd laugh

   Lisi is the soft-spoken one. Invariably gentle, ceaselessly compassionate. A little wistful. She’s quiet and unobtrusive in most things, and her cautious nature sometimes comes across as timid… but still waters run deep. She’s a lot stronger of a person than she seems at first sight. Despite having very few similarities at first, she and Taryn form a strong bond throughout the course of the novel.

She loves sunlight through the fog. Long walks along the dusty Village paths. Strong, beautiful personalities.



the Tempter

thick reddish hair / curvy / face mottled with freckles / dark brown eyes / vivid full lips

   Magda is beautiful. Incendiary. Malicious. She loves deeply, hates with abandon, and is passionate in every emotion between. Her deepest aversions are to the deformed and those she sees as hideous or weak. Her hurts are remembered and she’s pretty darn vengeful, while we’re at it. She takes on hard labor grudgingly but well.

She loves good seasoned mutton and strong mead. The thrill of autumn in the blood. And followers who allow themselves to be dominated without question.





Sooo. Those are my lovelies (that is, five of them). And that wasn’t so bad. The others are still in slightly earlier stages of development. The Antagonist, the Mentor, the Skeptic, and lotsa other extras who kind of came out of nowhere and (in the course of headaches, blood and tears) have grown into beloved characters. I might share a bit about them some other time. :)


Thanks for reading! Can you believe it’s the 1st of September, and are you excited for autumn?? Chat with me in the comments below!












19 thoughts on “Character Profiles: in which I basically bare my heart for you all

  1. I loved reading about your characters, Olivia. Thank you for sharing them with us!

    Autumn is my absolute favorite season, and I am thrilled that it’s not too far away now.


  2. I love your characters. They seem so well thought out and developed. Can I ask what your book is about?
    You have a wonderful blog. I’ll definitely be sticking around. :D



    • Thank you so much Ivie!!! I’m so glad you like the characters (and Important Nothings)!
      As for the book (which, fyi, is currently nameless). I’ve actually been meaning to create a page about it here on the blog, in which I’ll go into deeper detail. But basically it’s a story exploring the possibility of a harsh, grey world in which music doesn’t exist. I mean, it does exist… it’s just been forgotten. It would be classified as a sort of fantasy subgenre, I think. As soon as I can get a WIP page up, you can read more about it there. :)
      Thanks for the comment and your time!


  3. Thanks, Emma. :) That’s fabulous that you like Lisi… (ahem so do I). We just got back from a trip out of town, so that’s why I’m late replying to comments. :P


  4. Oh dear, I ‘m so late commenting. But: lovely post! I love Ree so much, she and Lisi seem darling. Matt really reminds me of a character I wrote a long time ago in a really awful story that I had forgotten about. I loved the character though. Maybe I should resurrect him. (:


  5. Hello Olivia! I was at your church this past weekend, and spoke with Mrs. Baldwin as well as Mrs. Stam – they both recommended that I visit your blog, as I am a fellow writer/blogger. I regret that I was not able to meet you in person, but I look forward to getting to know you through your blog! Meeting (or at least hearing about) other teen writers is always such an encouragement! (I didn’t tell them my penname, though, which is my “interneting” name…so hopefully they’ll be able to figure out that Julian is, well….me….sorry to be so confusing….) :)


  6. Hi Helena!!
    Because yeah. I kinda found out your name. XD Mrs. Baldwin’s told me about you; now I really want to meet in person! I LOVE meeting other teen writers.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog (and the comment!). Would you possibly give me a link to your blog? I’d love to see it.
    Are you planning on visiting GPC again anytime soon? Maybe we’ll be able to meet sometime. :)


    • Thanks. :)
      As a matter of fact, it’s the SAME STORY. It has evolved so far as to be almost unrecognizable, but little things are still there. It’s super confusing, I know. XD


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