Of the Sea (a photography post)

Hello, all.

Today I smash the pleasant, almost-autumn theme I had going here. With pictures from our beach vacation. I was originally planning on posting September 30th (and getting all this belated beachiness hashed out before October), but that was the day we got back from the beach… the thought of sitting down to write a blog post brought nothing but stress.

So I ignored it, like I usually do my problems.

We accomplished much. We collected shells and waded in the sea and tracked in a ton of sand. We saw a hammerhead shark, which was beyond cool.

I found one flawless sand dollar. Which just does not happen to me.

But then none of us – and I mean none of us – got anything like a tan. We’re so white; at best we freckle and burn (those pesky Irish genes). Practically everyone I know has these attractive end-of-September suntans… and I’m like


Image result for pale girl gif



Image result for my lily white skin gif


Enjoy. :)


yes, I tried the dorky shells-along-the-arm thing. it came out surprisingly well.



Have a wonderful October, ya’ll.





11 thoughts on “Of the Sea (a photography post)

    • Thanks, we did. We had kind of a problem with some horrible bloodsucking sand flies at one point… but thankfully they didn’t bother us much the last day or two. XD


  1. Oy, beautiful! Looks like you had a great time. I’m not a fan of the beach… shivers Too much sun…water…and sea creatures.

    Are you getting ready for NaNoWriMo (or rather, are you doing it this year)?


    • I understand about the sea creatures, haha… I can never help wondering what I’m stepping on when I’m wading.
      About NaNo. I have no idea at all. Part of me likes the idea of cracking down and getting huge amounts of writing done, and then the other part doesn’t want to undergo that kind of stress, you know? I’m considering just kind of doing my own thing… setting myself informal, more mild goals than are usual. I’ll mostly just have to wait and see what happens before then. What about you?


      • Exactly! I like seeing what’s in the water….

        I’m doing NaNo – I’ve done it for a few years now, and would like to keep going. It’s something I enjoy. I usually spend the NaNo months (April, July, November) first drafting, and use the other months to finish those novels, edit, and get other writerly things done. If you do it, let me know, and I can add you as a writing friend!


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