it’s autumn?? + i’m blogging again, what is this

Hey frends. :)

I can’t believe it’s taken me sooooooo ridiculously long to get back into the blogging world. Life has been wonderfully/overwhelmingly chaotic. And we all know how I like procrastinating till my responsibilities devour me. Heh.

Summer 2018 was pretty darn amazing. <33 Spent time with fabulous people. Road tripped. Went to two conferences (both great, 10/10 would recommend). Took a lot of sky photos. Met new people. Canoed. Almost drowned while canoeing (still haven’t recovered, lolol). We watched fireworks + I discovered so many new songs to love + made a million library trips and found new favorite books.

It was a summer I’ll miss.

The novel has been coming along at a quicker pace now (for those of you who actually care)… I’m thinking about trying some very inexperienced actual plotting?? Ish. Just to get all my ideas together. Hahah. I’m very much a “planster”, so it’s a challenge. But I’m unmotivated and need structure in my life. :”’)




Related image


I literally can’tttt describe my love for autumn. It has no words. 

There are just so many SMELLS. The smells of freshness, colored trees, pumpkin spice, bonfires, and roasted marshmallows. The scarves and quilts that have been put up all year. Cinnamon and fallen leaves. The smell of apples.

Can a season be the best just because it has the best smells??

Last week the fam and I took a trip to NC + stayed the night + found our first pumpkin patch of the year. I’M NOT OVEREXCITED, YOU’RE OVEREXCITED.





IMG_4482look, he coordinates with the pumpkins





I’m dying from the beautifulness of all the pumpkins. Also the really sweet elderly dude who owned the patch gave us a bunch of free ones. They’re small and adorable and I just. Wow. Blessed.

Visited a chum who works at Starbucks the other week (rad human bean. she gave us a discount. friends in high places, muahaha) and got pumpkin spice lattes as well. The seasonal bucket list is underway. ;)

Very important question: what’s your fave thing about autumn?


I’m so glad to be back. Again.

*awkward laughter*




P.S. My friends laugh at me for saying “autumn” instead of “fall” (if you’re reading this you know who you are). Apparently it’s a Brit thing… but I’ve grown up alwayssss saying autumn. Help me out here. Which one do you say?


13 thoughts on “it’s autumn?? + i’m blogging again, what is this

  1. Great post Olivia!! I love ur wriying style💜. Also….Alll the feeeels!!! I live for autumn (& yes its called autumn, not fall😂) & Im so blissfully happy rn cuz of it, especially after reading this. All things autumn! I. Can’t. Even. Handle. It. Lolol. Im actually sleeping with my window open tonight since its FINALLY cooler out, wi fuzzy socks & a fur blanket…eeep! 🧦☕🍁🍂🦃


    • I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to reply to these precious comments! Thank youuuu, so much. And I’m squealing too; this season is just one whole delicious, blissful mood. <333
      Also, totally autumn. Not fall. Thank you.


  2. You have always said autumn instead of fall, and you’re probably the reason why I say autumn half the time.

    So happy you’re back to blogging! I’m hoping to return from my long hiatus soon as well (: We’ll see!


  3. I’m so glad your back blogging, girl! I missed your posts! Those pics are so pretty. (I love your shoes :) )
    I say “fall’ mostly, but sometimes I will say “Autumn”. I LOVE fall (ahem… autumn) so much!!!!!!! I’m so glad it’s finally here!



    • Thank you!!! I knowww, I couldn’t even handle the beauty of all those pumpkins. It overwhelms me. Have you noticed they glow?


  4. You’re back!!! Glad to hear you had a great summer (and survived, lol)! I’m usually not excited about fall, but for some reason I am this year??? Like, why?

    Eh, I just call it Fall. Because leaf fall down.


  5. Hey girl! I love these pictures! The white pumpkin are a favorite of mine. Welcome back! It’s been a while but I hope you’ll post more often! OH MY! favorite thing about fall? The cozy sweaters has to be it!!


    • Thank you!!
      Yesss, the white pumpkins are GLORIOUS.
      Ahahahah. I’m really hoping to get into a more consistent posting schedule, it’s just… life. Thanks so much for the encouragement though. It’s super super motivating to know that someone looks forward to reading your posts. :))


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