A bit about me

Hiya. I guess the fact that you stopped by this page means you want to find out a bit more about me. Me, as in… messy, complicated human. Here goes.




Three of my favorite quotes: 

Those who leave everything on God’s hands will eventually see God’s hands in everything.


Only in the darkness can you see the stars.

-Martin Luther King Jr.


The human body is 60% water. So basically we’re just cucumbers with anxiety.


The one-sentence pitch:

I am an anxiety-riddled cucumber with anomalous tendencies, a love for longish words, and a questionable sense of humor.


A ramblinger version:

I’m a teenage writer, reader, blogger, logophile, and sinner saved by grace; endeavoring to glorify God in everything… and kind of confused as to what I’m doing in this thing called life.

   My personality type is ISFP, in case you were wondering. Technically I am considered an introvert… I am socially awkward (very much so). Small talk and the like KILLS ME. But then I have extrovertish vibes too (I LOVE gatherings and people and… talking). So an extroverted introvert is sort of what I’d call myself.

I say a lot of stupid things. And then I keep talking to make it worse.

I also laugh at my own jokes, unfortunately (they aren’t very funny).


These are a few of my favorite things:

the ocean

(i seriously think my element is the sea)


(could not rave more about how much I LOVE ITTT)


(happy sigh)


(i’m a little obsessed with the whole concept of dreaming. it’s amazing)


(people with freckles are so darn cute)


(they’re fun)


(it’s one of the best things in our existence if you really think about it)

dangly earrings

(they’re super fun)


(usually hot/occasionally iced)

and rain

(have you ever walked in the rain. it is so refreshing and calming)

Also, admit it. You just started humming that bit from The Sound of Music.

Maybe it’s just me.