JUNE IS ALMOST HERE + some summer plans

Yo, frends.

It’s actually almost JUNE. And I’m asking myself how this happened?? In another month or two the year will be halfway over, guys. Where has the time gone.

But anyway. SUMMER. SUMMER IS ALSO ALMOST HERE. And following is a smol list of plans/goals I’d like to accomplish in the weeks ahead. :)





BWSC. My first youth conference, whoop (i’m already thoroughly convinced that it’s going to be an awesome experience. it’s also every year, so, go look into that). It’s a week and a half away and approaching fast. I am meanwhile [stressfully] getting all the necessary stuff together, making plans, packing. There’s so much to think through. O.O Like, do I actually have enough shirts for this.

Planting a garden would be sooo much fun. But… sigh. Imma be realistic here. It’s one of those things we say we’re going to do every singe year… and then NEVERR DO. xD

READ. I just took out eleven books from the library (quite a heap, even for me), and so far I’ve only read… three? I need to step it up.

Have more deep conversations. One of my favorite things is when you find a friend you can have meaningful talks with as well as lighter chat… something about sharing parts of yourself (hopes, dreams, fears, ideas) makes me feel more alive. Can you relate?? Or are you more of a small talk peep?

Hopefully do some more cooking. Ahaha.

Write my novel (or at least really get going on it). It’s still in the simmering, stressful stages of development and random scribbled scenes/ideas. Which is annoying. As long as I’ve had this idea in my head, and as much brain work + blood and sweat and tears I’ve put into it, I feel like I should be much closer to actually finishing. :P

i love lucy GIF by HULU

Take more photos. Lots of photos.

I want to go on an aimless little road trip. Drive with the windows down, find a countrysideish place to stop and have a picnic or just watch the clouds.

I think I mentioned last post that I feel like I’ve been running running running lately. I’m feeling – some days – a little burnt out. Mentally, physically. So one thing I’d love to accomplish this summer is slowing down, to refresh, relax, and spend some valuable time with God.


June is going to be epic, guys. See you midmonth (here’s hoping I’ll have a lot of conference pics and moments to share). 






I’M BACCKKK + overview of the past two months + some changes

So I kind of took an unplanned hiatus there. Hmm.

But I’m bacckkkkk!

And I have new plans!! For one, I’m really going to work on the inconsistency in my posting pattern, I promise. :P And also trying to get my overall blogging style down here… I’m thinking somewhat briefer, journal entry-like updates might be more my jam. I want to go a little deeper than the playful bookish and writing posts I’ve been doing in the past. They’re super fun and I’ll definitely plan on featuring such things here and there… but on a general scope we’re gonna change it up here.

So I’m excited about that.

Life: has been hectic and beautiful and wow. The weather’s been going through some serious ups and downs though. Like, May. Make up yo mind.




Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


I feel like I’ve been going and doing soooo much lately. Pro-life ministry + several consecutive mini road trips + awesome time w friends + coffee w friends (see above picture. glorious, amaright? it was so good) + driving practice + got my hair chopped + some sporadic plotting on my novel + stressing about blog. Hi.

Geometry word problems. I understand nottthhhing.

I’ve decided that spaghetti is my love language.

I haven’t seen Infinity War yet but I’ve already been exposed to every single one of the death spoilers. Sooo.


everyday amy poehler GIF


I’m going to cry my eyes out when I actually see the movie. 10/10 guarantee it, haha. 

Whew. And then next month is when I’ll be heading off to a Christian youth conference in Tennessee with some of ma frands. I’m thrilled about that. It’s going to be such a fun time to spend with brothers and sisters in Christ. <3

But anyhoww. There’s something I want to delve into a little bit today. And that is, why I’m changing up the blog style here.

The truth is, I want to expose my true self a little more in these posts. Personal struggles, questions, vulnerabilities. Get a little more real with you guys. I feel like at times I have a tendency to show a different self to people on the outside, on the internet: someone who’s always upbeat, [semi-]confident, humorous and lively. 

Not to say that’s not my true personality. Because it kind of is.

But my character also has a much less positive side, and that I don’t show so much.

I think it has a lot to do with my personality type (ISFP – core flaw: fluctuating self-esteem). But here’s this. At times, I am very, very insecure.

As in, crippling insecurity.

Btw, I think it’s funny how they express that (fluctuating self-esteem), simple and bland. Like it’s some tranquil oscillating little creature and not A BEAST SCREECHING DRASTICALLY UP AND DOWN THE SCALE.

I’ve gone through a full day of depression after an episode of severe conversational awkwardness. It’s awful. xD

But anyways. I’m really trying not to let this become the stereotypical trendy “let’s become more vulnerable/get real” post… you know, you see it everywhere. But that is a bit of what I’m trying to accomplish… I want to bare some of my insecurities and flaws and thoughts. Random ramblings, everyday life happenings, imperfect photos, occasional deep stuff.

I also want to change up the posts just for fun, and because I think they’ll be less stressful this way. :P

Had to share that too.

What have ya’ll been up to, guys??? I’m so glad to be back?? 







16 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me (also confetti because BLOGIVERSARY)


And spring is coming!!!

There’s been a lot of good life happening here lately, as always. Packed schedule + hardly getting any school done :P + we got sick and got well again + birthday in three days whoop + driving practice + planning on going to go get my learner’s permit finalllllly + so many books to read I’m drowning in it (a very nice kind of drowning) + I GOT A CUTE POLAROID CAMERA and now I’m totally going to be that friend who has to take annoying group photos at every event.

Okay. Now for the announcement. Ahem.

Today Important Nothings is celebrating ONE YEAR!!!


minions applause GIF


Which is thrilling!! I can’t believe I’ve been blogging this long; I still feel so inexperienced and I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out. But much time and thought has gone into my little blog, and it’s undergone a lot of changes since I started. I kind of like it. :))

I’m still working on coming up with original, one-of-a-kind post ideas (it’s harder than it seems like it would be), and I want to post more often but I don’t know if I’ll ever work up the motivation. Tbh it’s amazing that I’ve actually managed to get into the consistent schedule I have…


On with it, then. This post was inspired by Ella Marie’s tag (which was fabulous), I’ve just tweaked the idea a bit. I’m doing it less like a tag and more like a stand-alone post, but anyone who wants to steal it it turn is completely welcome to.


16 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me *

*if you did know one or two of these, comment below. congratulations human, you know me well.



I have a weird condition called Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS); it basically means I am unable to eat any raw fruits, vegetables, or nuts. None.

It’s fine. It’s not like I wanted to be healthy anyway.


sad andre johnson GIF



I have six siblings. Five brothers (ages eleven, ten, eight, six, and four), and the most adorable of sisters (she’s one). We’re all homeschooled.



Eyes and hands are my favorite body parts. I have a fascination with both… that sounds weird… But I am weird, heh. The first thing I’ll notice about you is your eyes, and then I’ll usually look at your hands. They’re the parts I find most attractive about humans (besides cute smiles. ahhhh). I love how everyones’ are so profoundly unique. You can tell a lot about someone by their eyes and their hands.



Speaking of eyes, I can’t stand anything gross related to eyes. Ugh. Even the concept of contacts is weird to me. Which is great because I think I’ll need them eventually.



I am officially that dog dork. I will unashamedly [squeal and] run over to pet dogs I see in public.



I cannot math. The brain – it does not work that way. Cannot.

(And believe it or not that deficiency is especially fun now that I’m in advanced arithmetic. Everyday mental breakdown yesss.)



I’m neither Team Pancake nor Team Waffle because I love all breakfasty foods and can’t choose between them. *drools on computer keyboard*



Apparently I LOVE to embarrass myself. Though for some reason I wasn’t informed about this??? Stupid mistakes/blunders and conversational trip-ups. Awkward moments to end all awkward moments. The occasional massively clumsy incident (i’m usually of the pretty graceful variety, except when lots of people are watching of course. OF COURSE).



I’m not afraid of many things, but spiders really trip me out. They look evil. C’mon, WE ALL KNOW THEY’RE EVIL.



And then I’m a bit claustrophobic. But I think those are my only serious fears.



This is sad, but two of the funniest things to me are 1) seeing people fall down stairs, and 2) the look on peoples’ faces when they realize they’re falling out of a chair.

Also making sure they’re okay is good. I also do that.



I’m a ridiculous grammar freak. Just ask my family. Three mistakes in particular that make me grit my teeth:

  • “Emily’s and I’s” – UGH.
  • “There’s a lot of them” – THERE’RE, people. Nobody uses there’re anymore. I mean??
  • “Your sweet” – ……. screams into the abyss.



I grew up for the most part in Georgia, then we moved to Greenville SC when I was thirteen. And here we are. I love it a lot. :)



I have this weird ability to pick things up with my toes. Anything narrow enough to fit between them, really. I use it when I’m cleaning a lot, and I’ve gotten pretty skilled.


ron swanson talent GIF


Please don’t judge.



I may or may not be slightly obsessed with Myers-Briggs typing. But you should take the test. Seriously. Right now. Go on, go do that.



If you compliment me (not even a phenomenal compliment, just something sweet and random like about my personality or my face), I will melt into a small happy puddle on the spot and I promise I’ll remember it for years.




What does your February look like? Did you know any of the facts (seriously, I’m curious)?? Leave a comment below!


November Bucket List

November cheer!! :) How has everyone’s autumn been going?

I’ve had quite a successful season so far… and overall I’m a happy, blessed person right now. But also inwardly crying because yesterday was the last of October.

We’ve been to a bonfire and an apple barn and eaten cider doughnuts and stargazed (not technically with a telescope, just… lowkey). All fabulous goals, and checks off the list. But we have November and part of December still to go. Here’s my small bucket list of remaining goals for the remainder of autumn.




I’m not officially participating in NaNoWriMo this year (um, again), but I’m going to set slightly more intense goals for myself and CRACK DOWN on the WIP (with God’s help) (and a lot of coffee and cider and other toasty creativity-fueling drinks). Insane amounts of writing. Like I needed more stress in my life right now hahahah. Also just realized that this paragraph is nothing but parentheses.

My daily word goal just in case you’re wondering:

Starting today, I’m gonna say about 800 – 1,000 words per day. So that I can fail miserably and disappoint myself. I am also completely unprepared and panicking.




I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to find myself a snuggly, big-knit sweater. It’s a perfect goal for this time of year. There are many reasons.

  • cozy to curl up in
  • a fantastic place to hibernate
  • they’re a well-known bookworm thing
  • they can be found in delicious colors like cream and coffee and heather
  • you can slap people with the floppy sleeves

All the good reasons.


jump-in-leavesRelated image


Um this is kind of a classic. And something of a given, yes. One of the best things about autumn is flopping in a huge, crackling pile of brittle, crimson-stained leaves. We all agree on that one. But it’s a little trickier for me because we don’t get a ton of fallen leaves in our yard… pines and magnolias seriously spoil the fun. I just need to go borrow a neighbor’s yard and leaf pile, I guess.




Alll the candles. There’s nothing that says seasonal like a pumpkin spice candle burning. Or another scent, for those of us who are not pumpkin spice appreciators. I personally go back and forth. Does burning a candle put anyone else in a motivated, cleaning mood? For some reason it does me.





Or through a convenient park. I still have not done this. (?!) I’ve been meaning to – what better chance to do a family photo shoot? Why don’t I have time for anything in my life? There’s just something about taking walks this time of year. The temperature. The crisp, musty scent. The susseration of the deadened leaves still clinging to their trees (just discovered that word last year and it’s been one of my favorites since). It’s a thing that needs to happen.




So apparently I’ve only done this one other time in my life?? Plus I can’t remember because I think I was eight years old at the time. I’ve never tried my hand at it again, though I’ve been wanting to. Because I mean. Cinnamon rolls are the most amazing thing. Making them yourself sounds like happiness (though my experience will more likely be along the lines of painful efforts, messy countertops, spilled cinnamon, and questionable results. but let’s not be realistic here). If anyone has an amazing recipe or link to a recipe you’d like to share, please do. It would make my day (and my cinnamon rolls, haha). Really bad joke, sorry.





Hahaha. Ha. That’s as far as I’m gonna take this one. Some people set the goal of taking early morning autumn walks… every morning… which in theory sounds like poetry and refreshingly frosty morning air, but in reality is a whole lot more like bleary sleep eyes and misery and hypothermia.





And of course go tromping in them. I love the way these look – like, they’d be excellent for nut foraging. Leaf collecting. Apple picking. Many things. They’re boots that look made for adventure. And they’re stylish, too. :)




We’re not planning on making it to a pumpkin patch this year, which is sad, yes. But the grocery stores have lovely pumpkins. It’s not the experience you’d get otherwise – yeah, choosing a pumpkin from a jumble of them in a cardboard box isn’t quite the same – but I still love the challenge of finding the perfect one. The really round, smooth one-and-only with no spots and a creamy skin.




A very happy goal. Sparklers have become a well-known summer thing… people who skip 4th of July and save these things till autumn are cooler (another really, really bad joke. i’m so sorry). Imagine it – drawing sizzling designs on the air with clouded breath and chilled fingertips rather than with sweaty hands in the midst of a mosquito cloud. Sounds appealing, no?


Have a wonderful rest of the season, ya’ll.



Is anyone else in shock that Thanksgiving is almost upon us? Comment below to chat (or if you have a cinnamon roll recipe to share XD). I’d love to hear from you.

Of the Sea (a photography post)

Hello, all.

Today I smash the pleasant, almost-autumn theme I had going here. With pictures from our beach vacation. I was originally planning on posting September 30th (and getting all this belated beachiness hashed out before October), but that was the day we got back from the beach… the thought of sitting down to write a blog post brought nothing but stress.

So I ignored it, like I usually do my problems.

We accomplished much. We collected shells and waded in the sea and tracked in a ton of sand. We saw a hammerhead shark, which was beyond cool.

I found one flawless sand dollar. Which just does not happen to me.

But then none of us – and I mean none of us – got anything like a tan. We’re so white; at best we freckle and burn (those pesky Irish genes). Practically everyone I know has these attractive end-of-September suntans… and I’m like


Image result for pale girl gif



Image result for my lily white skin gif


Enjoy. :)


yes, I tried the dorky shells-along-the-arm thing. it came out surprisingly well.



Have a wonderful October, ya’ll.




Happenings: a life update

Hello everyone, this is just a brief mini-post. Happy 4th of May! I’ve been taking something of a break anyway, but here’s the official announcement: I’m taking an unofficial break from blogging for the rest of this month. Now, let’s just pretend I’ve done a consistent job of posting lately, and deserve this vacation. XD

And here’s a small update.

April was an overall fantastic month for us. There was one bad day we thought our puppy got out the fence… cue a lot of ensuing panic. We ran around the neighborhood calling her for half an hour only to find when we got back that she was STILL IN THE YARD. Of course, by that time I was already in a state of completely exhausted stress. Good times.

Homeschool’s been going as well as it usually does… though we’re not taking a summer break since we’ve taken so many other small breaks this year. :( (It tends to wind up better that way, though – after a longish break I typically find I’ve forgotten everything.)

My writing for the past month or two has consisted mostly of pulling my hair out – and drinking coffee while staring into space. I’ve cranked out a little bit of plot/outline ramblings, but it isn’t much.

Books I’ve been reading:

Image result       Image result        Image result

Image result       Image result for book of a thousand days       Image result

Only six for April. [Insert plausible excuse other than the same old “I’ve been busy” here.] And, of course, The False Prince and Book of a Thousand Days technically might not even count, since they’re re-reads. Oh well. Westmark and Halt’s Peril were both great, and I’m currently reading The Emperor of Nihon-Ja. But then The Frog Princess was just… ew. I had my doubts when I came across it (the kinda cheesy girly-pink cover, ya know?)… and, yeah. Was not at all impressed. As a side note, it also happens to be the book Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was [loosely] based upon.

Anyhow, new things to come! In future I’ll be implementing a heading picture for each new post –  in hopes that it will really boost the attractiveness of my little blog. :) And real efforts will be made to post more constructive (and just… more, period) writing posts. Not saying they’ll be more frequent… we’ll have to wait and see.

I’ll be looking forward to June. Till then!

Yes, that sounded a lot cheesier than it did in my head.


What books have you been reading? Did April go well for everyone else? I’d love to hear from you!