welcome stranger

hello!! welcome to important nothings, my humble corner of the internet. :) i‘m olivia, average bean, writer, and adventurer, and this is where I blog.

sometimes i post about my scribblings. sometimes about books. sometimes thoughts i’ve been thinking. sometimes they turn out occasionally profound. but most of them are just about my hectic life.

i hope you enjoy reading… and drop a follow in the box if you have the time. it would mean a lot. ;)

p.s. about the name. when i started this blog i went through the customary list. indecisive. nothing felt quite right. and i wanted the name to be perfect. then i stumbled upon a quote by jane austen (fabulous author, one of my favorites). she wrote this in a letter to a friend:

  “which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?”


i loved it!! and i think it describes my general randomness nicely.

thanks for stopping by. so glad you’re here!